No One Can Deter the Masses

The perfidious political culture is immersed in a mindless loudness

Mercilessness is moralized with the politician’s proudness

In the shonky sea of subterfuge

A human becomes a servile stooge

By dealing with the devil

These stooges commit a mistake which is horrifyingly huge

In this irrational atmosphere of aggression

Some people still resist the repression

These doyens of democracy wield the cosmic capacity of human expression

The dexterous dilution of democracy is a brutal bloodstain

On the republican ironclad chain

Enlightened citizens are trying to erase this blot of blood

But ghastly gunshots bury their veridical voices under a remorseless mud

Protestors can be detained

But their mutinous voices can’t be constrained

On the sparkling streets, true humans are marching in solidarity

This is inimical to nationalism’s militaristic muscularity

The democratic devices of resistance are animating the Preamble’s letters

The unconquerable compassion of sympathetic sanity

Is unfreezing the fascistic fetters

The indestructible master plan of the hideous helmsman

Will be finally torn asunder

By democracy’s rebellious thunder

The tin pot dictators are floundering in a political quagmire

The voiceless women are now chafing at the barbaric barbed wire

These maltreated women are ebulliently waving the national flag

They are refusing to swallow the supremo’s rhetorical ragbag

With an unexampled determination

The women have refused to attend democracy’s cremation

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

The agitating women have emphatically declared

That their voices can’t be curtailed

The frightening fear campaign has ruefully failed

Instead of the news anchor’s rude rumpus

The melodious musicality of protests has prevailed

The citizen’s quasi-religious belief

In the chauvinistic chief

Has come to an end

The belligerent blend

Of sclerotic sagacity and Machiavellian mendacity

Has received a severe blow

Heterodox voices are demanding the disintegration of the stifling status quo

The extremely derisory propagandist machinery

Has to be sliced off from the political scenery

Only the people themselves can annihilate this political chicanery

Which has tethered them to a sickening slavery

The semi-divine ruling regime

Is tactically using the sectarian scheme

Of decrying every dissident as a traitor

Because this traitor

Has decreased the dignity of the bull-headed dictator

The tyrant has used up all the authoritarian ammunition

Neither a primitive partition nor sedition

Can deter the masses who are committed to changing the cruel conditions

                                               ~ Yanis Iqbal

                                                     Aligarh, India

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