In Exchange

You wish to shine, yet not ready to be refined by the rough edges of life,

You wish to be heard, yet cannot self comprehend your words,

You wish to be wise, yet you cherish your immaturities like a treasure,

You want to be loved, yet find it hard to display compassion,

You wish to be happy, yet have no endurance for pain,

You wish for peace, yet you choose to always complain,

You seek the right solution, yet you invoke your problems again and again,

What’s going to be your deal, for universe is the greatest merchant,

What you ask for you will surely get in exchange,

So what is that you will decide, if you have to choose between,

Your self comforting vulnerabilities,

Or tough experienced, hard earned capabilities!

                                                                     ~ Rain Alchemist

                                                                  Bangalore, India

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