At Random

Life now confined to home periphery

Any movement beyond prohibitory,

The world-its idea in universality

No more than a conceptual travesty:

Our existence interned within cage

Fell apart each bit of pride and rage

A pandemic harvesting total disaster

Desperate time asks desperate measure,

Distress to humanity only closing in

Appearing as if any curse divine

Every armour by medicos found crashing

Where is cure still no one has inkling

Messed up our Nature in many a way(s)

Condemned to advent our doomsday;

Redemption may be in all past wisdom

Despite complicity, resourceful herbdom,

 In quest past alternates,no prejudice

To relief and cure, when bringing solace.

                                                                       ~ Shyamal Mukhopadhyay

                                                                      Nagpur, India


  1. When present not providing relief, look into the past wisdom-old saying.

  2. When present is clueless, inquire into the Past for a solution.