The Mad Race

What a mad race this life has become!

It’s not what God made

It’s peoples’ choice in general

Always yearning, rushing, challenging-

Fighting, grumbling, complaining

Positivity has dwindled away

Leaving behind..

Malicious and  vicious thoughts

Leading to even blood shed

Ruthlessness flows through the veins

Ravaging becomes a significant aim

Heedlessly plunging into it–

They deride and walk over others

Flinging dirt at one another…

Seeing nothing but their own victory

Wrapped in tons of lies and revenge

Promising alms in various forms!

The dark lamp of egoism

They hold high, clutching it firmly

As if, their very existence depends on it.

No good ever comes out of it–


Deceit, conspiratorial fraudulence bring–

Self annihilation too!

Covetousness murders not only love and respect

But butchers morality too!

Avariciousness knows no compunctions

Only personal gains dangle before them

Disregarding the fact…

Victory and defeat are the garnishing spices of this journey

Any accomplishment through-

Dishonorable acts  is a repugnant conquest / triumph

This mad race has become our greatest downfall

Asphyxiating all decency and dignity

Have we bartered our soul to the devil?

If so…

What will happen next is beyond human cognizance!

                                                                                          ~ Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                           Vadodara, India

One Comment

  1. as the technological world leaps forward in all spheres of human activities it has made human beings rusty and drained of all goodness. one man’s meat has become another man’s poison;
    people all around the world have become robots and machines of their fixed ideas and any change for the well being of humanity is ‘generously ‘crushed and butchered at the hands of those who feel ignored and belittled by their thoughts and actions.