Month: February 2020


Life Experiences: Friends In Life, For Eternity

By Hema Ravi As soon as I read the news the other day, I called up the celebrity family-friend to congratulate him on his obtaining the ‘Padmashri’ for his lifetime achievements.  A long-awaited, well-deserved recognition for the talented artist whose sketches of Madurai are unparalleled; who, despite losing his eye-sight […]


Letter From A Stranger

By Lahari Kanadamuru Dear reader, Before anything, please continue if you’re keen about knowing the ‘Struggle’ of a stranger. If in any case, you read through the entire article, can we be Best Friends Forever? Thank you so much. For being curious to read the next line. Though I wasn’t […]


A New City

Build a new city, With bricks of patience and trust, Not of broken promises, Neither ditches nor lust. There will be a lake, Reflecting beautiful insights, Loneliness is drowning, I’m breathing hopes and lights. Sidewalks would be purple, With hope of good times, Streetlights would be orange, With ringing – […]


Perennially in Love

Rooted to the terra firma I want to reach the sky Although a mere flower My aspirations are high I am in love with Sun With eyes I pursue him He is in my dreams and In every fancy, each whim Standing in one place, I Follow him everywhere No […]


The Falling Raindrops

By Shobha Diwakar Pitter, patter, pitter, patter fell the raindrops upon the bedroom window as the night deepened and the moist vapors settled on the glass panes making it hazy and dull to peer outside. Akash stretched lazily covering himself with the soft, thin, worn-out blanket he treasured since that […]


Ode to the Spring

   1 O dearest spring! Look, fauna and flora have begun to get elegance Every atom of earth is overwhelmed with joy Birds are singing the songs of obeisance, Boughs and twigs rejoice like a young boy, The wind is kissing with sensuous odour, The flowers have filled ecstasy all […]


No Servitude in Sentience

By Mark Antony Rossi Yesterday we thought advanced machines were built for servitude. Today their paid surrogates aggressively advocate for sentience. The day of mechanical malevolence is fast upon us. Artificial intelligence is dreaming of a world without humanity. Sex robots leave factories fulfilling fantasies of perverted people willing to […]



By Lahari Kandamuru Is overcoming depression supposed to be this tough? You feel happy, contempt and positive one moment. The next thing you know you suffer from a severe headache trying to figure out why you’re so lonely and depressed. Why does it have to be this way? Why do […]