Month: February 2020


Beauty of Nature

The vibrant clouds pleasing to the eyes rustling leaves from the trees murmuring sweet sounds to the ears cold breeze touches the skin soothing feeling to the soul the vastness of flora and fauna artistically crafted for being —-more than —– eyes could see – ears could hear soul could […]



Everyone has a different timeline Creating a unique path for them to shine; Whether you take a curved road or go straight in a line As long as you achieve your life purpose, you’ll be fine. Doesn’t matter, if your life journey is different than mine What truly matters, is […]


What Do We Care

By Sudha Dixit Most common and typical Indian sentiment is, as long as my interest is looked after “what do I care”. Their selfishness does not allow them to think or see beyond themselves. Modi is working overtime. The agenda is ‘development’. Development does not happen in one day. It […]


Life Experiences – Immunity Against Diseases

By Hema Ravi ‘While I am talking to you, I have no idea whether I’m infected or not.’ ‘I just want to go back home safely.’   The media reports have been carrying news about the quarantined  cruise ship Diamond Princess, with over 3000 people in it, owing to corona virus […]


Ending Racism

Let us end the hate Let us end racism I hear his lies On Saturday While creating journals To write I do not know What to say now Considering the events at hand                                   […]


An Unclenched Tardigrade

A country in bereavement Becomes an apothecary Of effervescent sights Becomes a tardigrade(1) Of survival extinct A walnut field in hollow valleys A prayer pew in fragile sublimation A folktale swirling lineage in rhymes A wind raging to rangoli rhapsodies A mother’s imperfect bosom shields A cluster of blooming peppercorns […]


Pocket Sized Sun

The forest of my mind is a maze of distraught darkness the days are dull, discoloured, devoid of any drama the nights are chilly, lonely and forlornly moonless a wilted wallflower waiting for a pocket sized piece of sun I wander aimlessly, blindly being gulped by despair and devoured by […]


The Disaster that is Personal Budget

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal February in India is the budget season and this time when the expectations were high that the budget will bring some goodies for the middle class but as with many no good ministers in the current cabinet, the Finance Minister came up with a new […]



You are so marvelous Your color reflects your purity An epitome of a brilliant creation You exude a refreshing oasis from within. Hide and cover me in Your  sea of clouds Like a bed of roses that Gives comfort to this enigmatic soul. Let me feel the warmth of your embrace […]