Love, The Ultimate Mission

My life’s love story has

No beginning or no end

It happened inadvertently,

Stopped at the road’s bend

He simply said he loved me,

I fell for that magical line,

Didn’t know that in this life

He couldn’t ever be mine

He had his own priorities

And many other engagements,

Didn’t have time to talk to me

Nor cared for my sentiments

He got amnesia or may be

He thought it was futile,

For him love was ephemeral,

Meant only for a while

Only momentary attraction

There was no love in his heart

He used his charm to woo me

He was master of that art

I was in love genuinely

He knew it chrystal  clear

I think it’s men’s mind set

They’ve no conscience or fear

For me the love is everything

It permeates into my soul

All else in the world is temporal

Love is life’s ultimate goal

                                                   ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                     Bangalore, India

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