A New City

Build a new city,

With bricks of patience and trust,

Not of broken promises,

Neither ditches nor lust.

There will be a lake,

Reflecting beautiful insights,

Loneliness is drowning,

I’m breathing hopes and lights.

Sidewalks would be purple,

With hope of good times,

Streetlights would be orange,

With ringing – hanged chimes.

Build a vibrant garden here,

I’ll plant Carnations of belief,

Embracing them with reunions,

Let placid flowers – vanish our grief.

I will create a rigid fence,

Around it – built of loyalty,

None would enter in,

Neither feud nor enmity.

The breeze of love that blows,

Would be – tranquil and swift,

Plunged in the spell of life,

This city would be a precious gift.

                                                                                   ~ Shruti Solanki

                                                                                    Jaipur, India

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  1. that is something amazing