Month: December 2019


Beaming Rays of Hopes

The procrastinating sun refuses to shine Raging waves that are fearful A hostile wind that stings like a bee Piercing sound by a bird Windows to the soul succumb to Uncertainties and ambiguities of life As the beaming rays of hopes appear Like the ugly caterpillar enter the cocoon Rainbow moonstone engulf […]


‘I’ am the Sun and conquering Light

‘I’ am the only constant, Amorous gardener of the Solar System ! ‘I’ only transform the sea-rain, The melancholia of Earth into the Hope ! ‘I’ only sing, fire, enjoy, rule, Fire-dance with Life, Earth and Poetry ! ‘I’ only soulKiss the Love And the Revolution Of Earth and Poetry […]


Letting Go

You are always grasping something, my friend Says my therapist You must learn to let go: Whenever your hands are not full You want to get hold of something Or indeed anything Now a bird in your left hand And a bunch of flowers in your right That’s why you […]


Rituals as Channels to Creativity

By Mark Antony Rossi I began this article with the unique and personal premise of sharing my experience of exclusively working with a note pad application on my smart phone. By the end of 2016 I have written thirty-four columns without the use of pen and paper. Thirty-two years later […]


The Test

I took a long look at myself in the toilet mirror still not sure what I was, you think I would know after all these years I walked out of the toilet and saw five pound drop to the floor so I picked it up and kept shouting. “Mate, mate.” […]


Revenge And Justice

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Since past few weeks and days our country has been moved to its core by atrocities committed on our daughters and sisters. The encounter of four accused who raped and killed that lady veterinarian in Hyderabad does not change the ugly truth about our society […]


The Child In Us…

If I could bring back the time When life is so SIMPLE Eat, play and sleep…. When HAPPINESS is not Measured by MATERIAL WEALTH When our SATISFACTION is not Based on the price tags When our CONTENTMENT is not DEPENDENT on the QUANTITY that we have When being SUCCESSFUL is […]


Flying by the Seat of My Pants

Life is like riding a bicycle You don’t fall unless you stop pedalling But what about freewheeling? It is like allowing your life to be controlled by destiny The truth is that I have never learned to ride a bike but only to freewheel I love flying by the seat […]