When Will I?…

When will I.?…
See the sunrise that stopped
When it lost its meaning and
failed to give light to its rays

Continually hide its sorrows.

When will I?…
Feel the touch of the breeze
Used to give comfort and calmness
Now its hostilities can be felt through
Painful caress that makes the soul shivers.

When will I?
See the vibrant colors of rainbows
Give hopes to the dreams that are
Slowly fading into view and
Loses a life within a life.

When will I?…

Receive, “A Gift” that was lost
Enable the sun to rise
Warm the wind breeze and

Gives meaning to the colors of the rainbows.

                                                                                ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                      Tarlac Province, Philippines

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