The Festival of Light

Festival of lights is celebrated during

The Kali Pujas with great enthusiasm.

This is a major Hindu festival honoring

Mother Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth.

Lakshmi incarnated herself during churning

Of the ocean, hence this celebration.

This festival is primarily a social event

Designed to bring people together.

Diwali marks an important date when

Lord Rama returned after a long exile.

The tradition of lighting diyas dates back

To the time people of Ayodhya lighted diyas.

This festival is celebrated as the victory

Of light over darkness and good over evil.

Colorful candles, gifts, sweets and crackers

Are the elements to celebrate Diwali evening.

                                                                           ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                                             New Delhi, India

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