Month: November 2019


Tongue Tied

How hard can it be to put a few words together to let you know I will love you forever. But every time I want to my tongue gets tied and I end up embarrassed and feel the need to run and hide. You look at me in puzzlement and […]


When Will I?…

When will I.?… See the sunrise that stopped When it lost its meaning and failed to give light to its rays Continually hide its sorrows. When will I?… Feel the touch of the breeze Used to give comfort and calmness Now its hostilities can be felt through Painful caress that […]


10 Things To Do On A Career Break

By Sarika Tainwala Are you tired of work pressures, deadlines, long commutes to work and unfair appraisals? Is balancing family and work becoming an impossible task for you? This is when you need to rethink your priorities and consider going on a sabbatical to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. A […]


Life Experiences: Gut Instinct

By Hema Ravi The rather good-looking lady had the demeanour of a saleswoman, the ones who kept bothering people in the afternoons when the family was away.  Radha was used to this menace; she would always open the door, explain politely that she did not want anything, then, shut the […]



The anguish is freed to Windows to the soul Memories still linger —– Winds beneath the wings behind the uncertainties and Ambiguities of life are now vanishing The haven used to comfort the soul when lost for direction and meaning of life is now destroyed Photographs of happy memories Now […]


Families in the Park

Generations are begetting forgetting begetting forgetting each other endlessly simulacra moving forward points in time from the deep abyss of pasts immemorial to futures unknown.                                ~Ian Fletcher                 […]


The Missing Hero

By Richard Rose For Bibin, as for many other Indian boys and girls in Kalapurum, cricket was a passion. Some would even say that it had surpassed all normal levels of enthusiasm and had graduated to become an obsession. Before and after school and at weekends Bibin, in company with […]


The Festival of Light

Festival of lights is celebrated during The Kali Pujas with great enthusiasm. This is a major Hindu festival honoring Mother Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth. Lakshmi incarnated herself during churning Of the ocean, hence this celebration. This festival is primarily a social event Designed to bring people together. Diwali marks an […]