Life Lessons: Shopping at the Indian Stores (in Bellevue, Washington)

By Hema Ravi 

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters…”  Albert Einstein

Shopping in malls is a great experience world over, it has its positive effects on the psyche; more so, when one is away from home in a distant land.   The culmination of a heterogeneous populace provides food for thought, is an engaging pastime with varied experiences.

Shopping for groceries and Indian foods in the supermarkets is interesting in a different way-the aromatic spices remind us of home!  One has to be alert while wheeling the cart through the not so wide aisles that house a mind-boggling range of products, packed in the ‘proverbial pack of sardines’ manner.

Without being judgmental, as fly on the wall, I revel in watching the enthusiastic shoppers-young, not so young, singles, groups et al.

The other day, I observed this young man gingerly wading through to the aisles, picking up his requirements.  Stooping down, he picked up a few Mcvities biscuits and Marie biscuits.  As he was getting up, one of the packets fell off from the shelf.  Without any hesitation, he took the pack that he had dropped and replaced it with another in his basket.

The young man – my son!

Fall Colours – Peek Week

Photo Courtesy :N. Ravi

Venue : Johnson Park,  Piscataway, New Jersey.

Author Profile:  Hema Ravi is a Communicative English and IELTS Trainer, Co-author of Sing Along Indian Rhymes and Everyday Hindi, she is a prize winner in the 26th ITO EN Green Tea Haiku Competition, Japan (2015). Her verses and haiku have been published in HSA Anthology (2015), Atlas Poetica, Poetic Prism, The Enchanted Verse, Rainbow Hues, Contemporary Literary Review, Metverse Muse, write-ups published in The Hindu and a multitude of print and online anthologies.


  1. Manners matter, and your son’s act in the foreign soil is a reminder for the selfish ones to take a leaf out of the incident and mend ways!

  2. Thank you for your valuable observations, dear friend