Why is Her Education Important?

“Before giving your daughter a husband,

Give her education;

An education that gives her independence;

An independence that governs the kingdoms;

A kingdom that rules the generations;

A generation that breeds leaders;

A leader who uplifts weeping hearts;

A heart that carves its glory;

The glory that sentences the dooms of fate;

A fate that has been dictated by your daughter;

A daughter that shall rescue your race;

A race that you wish it survives.”

-Let her glory spread over the seas and lands.

                                                             ~ Dr. Sindhuri Tadisetti

                                                           Bengaluru, India


  1. Every parent has to Be feel proud for giving birth to a female child. A female child is in the form of daughter , sister, wife, mother, sister_inlaw, mother_inlaw and so many. Hats off to this poetic concept .

  2. Awesome expression which is 2b implied for ever people and for every generation
    … VEDA

  3. Awesome

  4. Very true!!!

  5. Hats off to the peotry

  6. Chiranjeevi ravula

    Girl education for a better society.

  7. Yes absolutely

  8. I believe and support women empowerment through education is one of the best options for society in resolving many issues. As women are more concerned about problems in the society and they think impartiality, they are right people than men. But without education it is not possible. Hence I strongly support women education.

  9. The present is not as bad as it was in the past, and we can legitimately take pride in how we treat our girl children right from her birth!

    We never hesitate to impart education to our children, whether they are boys or girls!

    Girl children are really gifts of God, to be revered and nurtured, and taken care of, as to instil a positive frame of mind to face any eventuality that may be challenging many a times!

  10. Very well written

  11. Empowerment of women is very much essential thing in present society.