Month: October 2019


Died a Million Times

Beautiful mornings had turned into frightening dawn Things that give excitement and happiness now brings sadness. The exchange of jokes and witty discussions had turned into a deafening silence. An enjoyable and purposively driven journey is now tiring and has lost its direction. IF ONLY I could bring back What […]


International Day of the Girl Child

11th October reminds the world of the International Day of the Girl Child. Started as a project and  grew as ‘Plan International’ “Because I am a girl”.   The United Nations General Assembly stepped forward  to pass a resolution adopting October 11, 2012, as the inaugural International Day of Girls. to raise […]


Promethean Rebellion II

If they challenge jungle, They can go to the darkness, Darkness may support them for a while. If they challenge my people, They can go to the tyrants, Tyrants may hide them until tyranny. But, if they challenge ‘I’ Where will they go ? Because, Darkness and tyranny do not […]


Anil’s Reward

By Richard Rose Darkness had descended on Kalapurum and Anil was tired. It had been a long day and his labours had brought him little reward. Whilst for most of the time he enjoyed life as an auto-rickshaw driver, meeting people and showing off his skills in negotiating the teeming […]


Love Divine

This element is ethereal A gift from heaven above It has a blissful ecstasy The world calls it love I don’t have the line Of love in my palm, I am so sad and distressed My life has no charm Still I am a dreamer I think dreams come true […]


मेरी याचना

आम्र पत्तिओं का बन्दनवार रंगोली से सजा द्वार आस्था का दीप जला अंतः मन का शंखनाद श्रद्धा सुमन अँजुरी भर हे !अम्बे माँ करो स्वीकार। पड़े आहुति शुम्भ-निशुम्भ और चण्ड-मुण्ड से पतित विचारों की। हो वध,महिषासुर से दुष्कर्म हमारे… समाज का वह खोखला हिस्सा, जिसमें पनप रहे रावण अनजाने,अनदेखे धड़कन  बढ़ाते… वध हो उनका। न […]


Floods and Arrogance

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal In past few days the myth of ‘Sushasan’ or good governance have been submerged in neck deep water, families had to evacuate home due to torrential rains and now they are struggling to come back because Nitish Kumar doesn’t know how to pump out water […]