Love is Strength

Distance doesn’t matter when two hearts are closely tied,
Soaked in each other’s colour when two souls are pied.

Old identities get blurred, individuality is erased,
When two streams of thought combine, new beliefs are raised.

Each one is transformed, such is the influence,
Physical proximity is not needed, in own self is felt their presence.

Love is not a momentary feeling, it is more intense.
Separation in love is not a weakness, it is love’s greatest strength.

~ Jaya Singh


One Comment

  1. A nice delivery!

    Bond out of deep love
    Knows not separation
    Resulted through distance
    Rather it gets fortified, and
    Strengthened by the day
    Incapable of being lost!

    A longing it effects
    Belonging concrete
    Never to fall apart, and
    Turn into pieces
    But grow in size
    Notwithstanding murmurs
    Heard through
    Filthy voices around!

    D-Day arrives in union
    Days and months after
    Again to get reinforced
    For impending separation
    A short while later
    Necessitated by
    Exigencies of life!