Love Divine

This element is ethereal

A gift from heaven above

It has a blissful ecstasy

The world calls it love

I don’t have the line

Of love in my palm,

I am so sad and distressed

My life has no charm

Still I am a dreamer

I think dreams come true

Hope that my colorless life’d

Be filled with rainbow hues

Someone must be waiting for me

With flowers in his hands

To sweep me off my feet and

Take me to exotic lands

No one should be denied

A gift of paradise

Love would come from heaven

To me  as a surprise

~ Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. Love- a beautiful thing in the world one should never fail to experience in their life!

    Its impact can only be appreciated by those who had the fortune of being a partner in the enviable deal!

    Its soothing effect has the capacity to move the mountains which otherwise is an impossible feat even in a dream!

    The confidence that love produces between the two souls coming together in unison can achieve whatever is planned!

    Glory to love that can never separate one from the other come what may!