The Angry Earth

She is a mother figure

She should be respected

Only then from her treasure trove

Any bounty is expected

Do we deserve any favour

For us from gracious nature

While we don’t behave

Better than the wild creatures

In order to make  roads

We blast and damage hills

Landslide, then, with misery,

The human life fills

Misusing and polluting

Heavenly water sources

Instead of good, the evil,

The man on earth, enforces

We want shades as respite

From sun’s scorching heat

Yet, cut jungles and trees,

Thus all comforts deplete

With regular maltreatment

The earth becomes so angry

That it reacts like lioness,

For vengeance, who is hungry

The hills start crumbling

The rivers emerge in spate

The oceans bring tsunami

Jungles burn in utter hate

The earth shakes in anger

And brings tremendous quake

We need to pacify her

For our and heaven’s sake

If we do not stop and mend

Our greedy, selfish ways

We’re going to leave a legacy,

For our children, of bad days

No tree, water or oxygen,

No decent food to eat

And going back to dark ages

Their misery will be complete

Is this scenario pleasant

Is this we really want

Don’t we  love our children

We’re being naïve and errant

It’s time we realize that

We shouldn’t disturb the nature

It’s vital for our present

It’s mandatory for future

~ Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. It’s really food for thought!

    Better late than never, and let us be alive to the grave dangers of our own making out of sheer greed of humankind, and start to mend our ways for the better to allow NATURE as it is!

    Let us bequeth unalloyed nature to the generations to come!

    What better wealth than nature in its original form can we gift to our progeny?