International Day of the Girl Child

11th October reminds the world of

the International Day of the Girl Child.

Started as a project and 

grew as ‘Plan International’

“Because I am a girl”.


The United Nations General Assembly

stepped forward  to pass a resolution adopting

October 11, 2012, as the

inaugural International Day of Girls.

to raise awareness of nurturing girls globally.


The theme in the year 2019 is” Girls Force”

Unscripted and Unstoppable.

To celebrate the achievements by, with, and for girls 

soaring high to rise on their wings of dreams to 

fulfil their human rights.


But for many girls around the world

gender discrimination and inequality persists

lost, broken and cheated are they

becomes a victim of agony every day

ascertain news and social media regularly.


My heart weeps to see little girls scampering around 

the crossword selling bouquets

for two meals a day

to wipe out the grime from the grand car window panes,

to obliviate their childhood each day.

                                              ~ Anjana Prasad

                                                                                                                        Nagpur, India

One Comment

  1. Girl children are gift of the God to be revered and nurtured without neglect!

    Lop-sided approach to this gender is a crime unpardonable and so punishable!

    Whether boy or a girl, equal treatment is the mantra that works well in the creation of equitable society!