Chasing Happiness

To the mornings that welcome the day
A sunrise that gives hope
The cold wind breeze and the
Fragrant smell of flowers.

To the nights that flicker lights
Fine dining at its best
Deafening sound of peals of laughter and
A drop of wine till becoming sober.

To the busyness of life
Too numerous to count
Social media and to realities of life
Till soul became numb of tiredness.

To the world of fame and recognition
That can be drowning at times
Overwhelming attention and
Appreciation that is appealing to the soul.

None of them give lasting and
A deeper meaning to never-ending
Chasing happiness and it is only
“A Gift” that can give its presence.

                                                       ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                                                   Tarlac Province, Philippines

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