Rewrite the Stars

When we fell in love so deeply

We didn’t know about the hurdles

That will come in the way of our love

But we’ll fight all the forces external

Caste and creed and the skin colour

Why should these trivialities matter

Love is a thing of divine virtue

Should it be pettily scattered

They say that it’s not in our destiny

To be united in wedlock

Does anyone know what is fate

Or they, simply, our ignorance mock

Lets not succumb to such false notions

Lets write down our own destiny

Our will and determination only

Would save us from hurt and ignominy

Whole world always loves true lovers

Sun, moon and stars of milky way

Will dispel the darkness surrounding us

With their radiance and brighten our day

Hold my hand, lets go beyond the moon

And rewrite stars in our favour

None should pull us apart in this life

Sweet fruit of love we’re going to savour

                                                     ~Sudha Dixit

                                                    Bangalore, India

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