The Sea

As the evening tends to fall

The colours from in front of my eyes,

Dance and fade

The sky blurs exhausted, jade.

I struggle, I scuffle

To see past the

Dawning despair,

To bear with the welling warfare.

I try to discern

Where and how did I commit a felony,

In blazing colours amidst every life

How did I end up in such an exigent strife?

I fail to fathom

Where precisely did I go amiss,

In trying to paint my life like a rainbow

How did I smear it with dolour and sorrow?

I wrestle, I brawl

To adorn the rising sun,

Mistake me not

For to lose, I haven’t been taught.

And thus begins my meander

To seek the so called little peace,

Even thought the colourful canvas chides me

I won’t ever acquiesce, just like an acrimonious sea.

                                                          ~ Moushmi Radhanpara

                                                            Jamshedpur, India


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