Me No More

I am me no more for I have transformed,

I yearn no more for the mundane, I may have reformed,

Emotions and attachments seem somewhat weird,

Guess these are by-products when you’re tired!

Tired of hypocrites, fallacies, and double standard,

Of everything that reeks of lies from people who’ve faltered,

I turn myself within to introspect yet not be self-centered,

I endeavor to protect my soul from everything I so dread!

Yes! I am me no more for I have transformed & evolved,

To be a humanist with values rather than a body devolved,

I have chosen to follow a path that many wouldn’t tread,

In the end I can proclaim I enjoyed every moment of the life I lived.

                                                                                       ~ Kay S

                                                                                             Bangalore, India

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