The hiding place of the birds
Gleaming from the primary beam of the daylight
Summons their power of retention
Of how the discordant reshaping of the weather
Demarcated the genesis of endurance.

Picking up the fair grains
The birds embraced the jubilation of home fabrication
Where the feeling of discomfort will be taken over by the fantasy of togetherness
Bringing forth the essence of unfeigned joy.

A farmer nearby touched the tanned soil
A step onto it gave him a humongous gratification
His diligent exertion was now the birthplace of elation
Escaping through his parched lips.

The fire enlightened his hearth and home
Satiating his soul with a sparkling rhythm
The innocence preserved in his children’s eyes
Reflected in his own rejoicing.

The arrival of wholehearted joy is an account of dedicated perspiration
Encouraging vitality and vigour
That each moment which is passed in glee
Recalls the tales of the birds and the farmers.

                                    ~   Sonali Sharma

                                        Dehradun, India

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