My Cloud

Amazing aren’t you !!

A “V “shaped delicate darling on my table,

I love your shade of white and green , you are my delicate occasional love,

I love to see you,

Watch you for your elegance !!

Yes I call you clouds as I make you swirl between my lips the way I want !!

I can take you in circles and


I love you not always,

Some days I have to have you in my delicate fingers,

Ahhh !! The mint, The way you kiss my lips,

But I have to let you go as you can’t stay with me always !!

We love each other but only on a date.

We struggle and find places to kiss each other,

Yes I need you !!

Hold on to me and set me free ,when you know, it’s time for me to go.

                                           ~ Prabha Jha

                                               New Delhi, India

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