India Calling

A land known for

Amalgamation of diverse cultures

Where religions are based

On the concept of “Dharma” and “Karma”

Where Cow is worshiped as “Mother” Goddess

A land renowned for its revered sages

And their practices

In obscure Himalayan caves.

A cradle of spiritualism

Where values are preferred to materialism!

A land rich in cultural heritage

Illustrious martyrs

Indigenous scriptures

Magnificent temples

Impressive cave paintings

Myriad dance forms

Countless festivals

Blossoming green forests

Sundry wildlife

Sparkling blue lakes

Mesmerizing scenic beauty

Spectacular snow-clad mountain peaks outstretching the sky

Sound of reverberating conch shells

Incessant chants of divine hymns

Tempting aroma of exotic spices and sandalwood

Women draped in traditional saris

Embellished with bangles, ear-rings

And that mark of vermilion on the forehead

Stunning “Rangoli” designs outside the doorsteps of many

Obsession for street food and cricket

Passion for classical melodies

A land where people are greeted with a warm “Namaste”

This is the incredible INDIA!

~Sunita Sahoo

Odisha, India

One Comment

  1. Very nice of the positive notes on our Motherland!
    A pride indeed it’s that we belong to a nation of so many credits all packed, but to be preserved and made over to the progeny in tact!
    Something somewhere is contributing to its sheen being lost!
    Wish we retrieve the lost ground for the better, and remain proud as we were earlier!