Fallen Angel

I am an ambitious person

On highest goal is my eye

I want to fly and soar high

I want to reach the sky

You came into my world

And put me on cloud nine

It was  a  serendipity

You said that you are mine

But then you turned away

I’ve no clue what went wrong,

My  life got obliterated

I thought that I was strong

But I have got week knees

I’m crying out my heart

This is a tough situation

My world has fallen apart

I know that in the beginning

It was an infatuation

He seemed perfect to me,

Life was a celebration

But now I know that he is

A fallible guy with faults

Still I really love him

From the bottom of my heart

Love does not put conditions

It never becomes judgmental

There’s no reason, no logic,

It’s only  sentimental

                                    ~ Sudha Dixit

                                       Bangalore, India

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