Always For Soulful Earth Only III

Ah, my faithful Queen,

Soothing panacea of my Life,

It is always ‘Now’,

To feast our own ripen dreams,

Which we sowed,

Not in delusional fields of the Fiction,

But, in our Eternalness,

In our own rich drizzling-dreams !

The world of ego, illusion and confusion,

Are ending for us ‘Now’ !

Shadows slowly disappearing –

From universe of our timeless Love !

Let’s disappear into ARTs, heavens of harmony !

Yes there, ‘I’ –

Will give you an Eternal Love of divine bliss,

Gathering marine and mountainous ecstasy.

An Eternal Love, bigger than the universal Life,

But, younger than the impure Lust !

And mortifying the mortality of virtual-reality,

‘I’ will pen, sing, praise and love thee,

And ‘I’ll ART and scratch thee beyond Eternity !

                                                                  ~ Sanju Clement 

                                                                  Kerala, India

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