To The Golden Mermaid


She was the cousin

Of the Arabian sea.

She visited bottom,

Middle and top of merry

And melancholy.

Promethean Moonlight

Was her oldest –

Comrade !


Her last !


She loved to live eternally in

The purifying Eternalness,


Turbulent songs,


ARTs, scratch,

And eternal Rebellion,

Of ‘I’ the GodSunLight !


She came to visit my dream, wall,

My simple hometown.

She became sea-breeze

To follow my ART.

She healed Life

And life-deflated dreams.

With wet hands

With astral-smiles

With flowery canalshore,

With revolution.


It was yesterday,

She profiled herself as Rain,

My sweetheart Earth,


To dance in waves-less


Unwritten galaxies,

To dive into

The ancient-bed of cosmic yogas,

To swim in burning-passion,

To green-regards,

To re-life !


She is the houri ‘I’ love to marry.

Because, because

She did not twist my poor tears
She did not twist my poor heart
She did not twist my poor songs
She did not twist my poor revolts
She did not twist my poor desires
She did not twist my poor friendship

And she didn’t go back,

To her oxygen, the Sea.

Like the corrosive friendships

Which came through

The sky, spice and the land,

And the clay,

And the root, or the internet.

That is the reason

She became my ARTwork,

My heartwork !

                                       ~ Sanju Clement 

                                    Kerala, India

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