The Pseudo Well Wishers!

They were all set to run down-

The honest sincere hard working man

Looking after his Mother Land and the large family (the populace)

With great love, respect and care for all

Making no distinctions

He had pledged-

To raise the prestige of his Nation as high as he could

To make life better, happier and comfy for everyone

On thorns he would be traversing he knew-

For roses they had gathered for themselves-

They couldn’t accept their defeat by-

A poor chai wala*!

How could he be above them?

So a promise unto themselves they too had made-

Under no circumstances to let any good candid being flourish

Entrap him with vicious plans of-

Deceit, defamation, shameless lies….

Hunger for ‘Power and wealth’ is a lustful yearning-

To be fulfilled by any means-

Stooping as low as possible

Made no difference to them

Some think-

Birth in a rich, educated family is a license-

To capability, practicability, matured understanding and behavior

But honestly-

It’s just an egoistic arrogant incredible thought of some affluent

It’s no certificate of culture, self discipline, humanism

Flinging dirt on others splashes on the flingers too

Reflecting their mean base mindedness-

With voracious greed for authority and assets

Under the garb of ostentatious loyalty they selfishly work

Fooling and cheating –

Caring neither for their country nor its citizens!

Supremacy and riches are all that count

An unsatiated hunger for them it is!

Followers they have many –

All deceptively swindling their people and Mother Land!

But soon-

Their charade and fraudulent ways broke out into the open

Their divide and rule policy now was an open secret!

The nation could no longer be gulled-

Awareness awakened it from the age old blind faith

Realization dawned on everyone-

The so called ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’* is in fact an authentic patriot-

Shielding his country against the real ‘Chors’

He daringly ripped off their mask of honesty and chauvinism

While they amassed in dozens

Hoping to cheat and loot the country again-

With their experienced art of craftiness-

But all their efforts down the drain went

Consciousness alerted and warned the people-

Who now were no longer ignorant blind followers!

So once again ‘the Chowkidar*, the Chai Wala*’ returns

With a greater victory than before!

A slap in the face for the ‘masqueraders’ it was

Their so called ‘gathbandhan’* was a sinking ship of sycophants!

Such pseudo loyalists are termites-

Ready to sell and shamelessly pillage-

Not only their fellow citizens but their country too

Beware my dear compatriot of such spurious well wishers!

Bharat Mata ki Jai! Bhartiyo ki Jai!

NB: Chai Wala……………..A tea seller

        Chowkidar Chor Hai… The watchman is a thief

        Chowkidar…………….A Watchman

        Chor……………………A robber/ thief

        Gathbandhan…………..Alliance; Coalition

                                                         ~ Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                          Vadodara, India

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