The Lonely Poetry of Night

trees whisper, cries of cloudy skies

inaudible, unseen, you, Astraea,

you push me on a long-forgotten trail

the ocean, poisoned, green, unsettled

warm tongues, ecstasies of memories un-lived

defiled the innocence of maiden-stars

tears, corridors of sand

you, universe that dreamt us all

the pain of suffocated myths that die

kisses, floating sanctuaries

Astraea, you who don’t know desire

burn the nihilism of flesh

the plight

of souls sold for two pennies in slave markets

inside the lonely poetry of night

                                                                     ~ Gabriela M.

                                                                           United States


  1. Love it! The “Golden Age” of poetry.

  2. Always beautiful poetry from a talented poet like Gabriela.

  3. I think that beautiful metaphors like “tears, corridors of sand”, “kisses, floating sanctuaries” are Gabriela’s trademark. Another beautiful poem!

  4. Oh my. To think I missed thhis masterpiece.
    This was breathtaking G.

  5. ❤️❤️❤️. Wow. Beyond amazing. Thank You.

  6. Awesome! I like it. It gave me pleasure nd I enjoyed the poem .

  7. Shalini Nandkeolyar

    Beautiful imagery! Very poignant! Thought provoking! Just beautiful,

  8. Wonderful ❣️❣️