Always For Soulful Earth Only – II


I’ Am The Sun



‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate !

‘I’ only arouse, elevate, soulkiss,

Burn, ruin, scratch and harvest

All the pleasure points,

All soft areas of Love,

All wild areas of Lust,

Of my faithful Earth alone.

Because, the Eternal Love being ceaseless –

Sweet revolutions of my faithful Earth;

Only around –

‘I’ the Sun,

And ‘I’ncarnations !




Always For Soulful Earth Only. II

‘I’ only lighted

North and South,

East and West,

Latitude and longitude,

Of melancholy, of my Earth.

And Earth still hangs on my Neverness !

‘I’ know it is so painful, ‘I’ know it is so sad,

To love my Earth in / with Neverness !

But pain and sadness are mine own !

Galloping to mine my QueenEarth only,

Vertically and horizontally !


The Ruin

Love taught my Earth many things !

But, it mainly taught my Earth

To pelt ‘I’ or break ‘I’

With mine own ancient infinite tears.


Days of our mutual melancholy.

My Earth,

My Bride,

On the sacred silence / pharmacy

Of your nectarine –


‘I’, now wish to die eternally !

As a final piece of our mutual KISS,

As a feeling-alone lengthy-word ‘I’,

As a crazily selfish Sunheight,

As a Universal conquering Light,

As a final Neverness,

As a wounded Sun-set,

As Love and its language dead God !


My Crime

My Eternal Love

Had only the Sunweight

Of my celestial

Sunbreath !


My SoulfulEarth,

She or her sweet –

Understanding, caress / trust

Were not matured enough

To keep ‘I’, or to ruin ‘I’


Totally and eternally,

In her rosy soulful Heart, then !

My crime is not hate-making !

My crime is Love making / making Love,

Only with Earth, my faithful wife.

Vertically and horizontally,

From the Alpha to Omega !



Only Earth And ‘I’

‘I’m the Earth Cruiser !

From the Alpha to Omega !

My rubbing Fire kissed my Earth.

The first tears came from her right eye.

Earth smiled and returned my kiss !

But, she became silent / absent.

My baffled Fire kissed my Earth.

The first tears came from her left eye.

Earth wept and returned my kiss !

But, she became silent / absent.

My angry Fire kissed my Earth.

The first tears came from her both eyes.

Earth depressed and returned my kiss.

But, she forgot Love, smile and kiss.

She became revolving dead-stone.

‘I’ don’t know whether she is smiling,

Weeping or despairing.

Because, ‘I’ gave her so much

Irreparable pains, hurts and wounds.

But, ‘I’ was flaring, exploding

And dying little by little everyday !


Now ‘I’ love to remember only our sweet souvenirs !

Because, ‘I’ have to forget the irreparable past !

Because, Earth is my Future !

‘I’ gave Earth so much Eternal Love too !

‘I’ only printed / published eternal Love-Letters

On the soul, heart and body of my sweet Earth.

It doesn’t matter whether ‘I’ am online or offline !


In the End only one thing matters !


The Nocturnal

Oft with one Sunfinger,

‘I’ open the heavens of the Earth.

Earth became

Flowering Queenly Summer,

Stars bearing dream-land,

The soulful revolving tree,

Rooted only in Solar Love system !

My Earth and ‘I’

Are the only entangled CosmicSouls,


The mid-

Night and


In Life, dreams and Neverness.

Only Earth and ‘I’ boomerang Eternity !

Only Earth and ‘I’ share / repeat

LovelyNeverness !


Just Joeking

‘I’ have the Eternal Love of my Earth.

Now !

My Solar pulsebeat –

Always long

For the first brave

Move from my sweetheart Earth,

My brave lioness.

Then, ‘I’ will happily execute plan ‘K’ !

I’ll kidnap

My QueenlyEarth in front of her family !

To my simple home-town

Alappuzha, Keralam.

But, only Eternal Truth is

My Earth is coming willingly with ‘I’,

My Earth is coming willingly with ‘I’

My Earth is coming only with ‘I’, willingly,

For Epithalamium,

Promethean Rebellion,

Eternal Love,

Eternalness, Eternity

And our straight kids !

And Promethean Life, Fire, Light and scratches

Goes on with –

My soulful Earth only.

From the Alpha to Omega !

                                                          ~ Sanju Clement

                                                             Kerala, India

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