What if I were the PM of a country

Writing such an essay has never been easy

I wrote in junior classes- never satisfied

I’m trying again, lemme adjust the inventory

Well, if I were the PM of a country

I would have tried to make the post reserved for me

When every type of reservation can sustain

Why such reservation cannot remain

Then I would invest money, to invent a nectar-honey

For me and my party’s yesmen

And thus I could be the only administrator of my vestry.

If I were the PM of a country

I would have tried to make my devotees all and sundry

Then I would let the opposition scream on my false promises

And I would blame them often on other premises

You know politics is a game of claim and blame, without any shame

And thus I would create my favorite niches

To talk and argue, to bark and brag by distorting facts and history

If I were the PM of a country

I would have made media houses my sentry

They would be branding my name and fame

I would let them sing how great I am

Thus I would gather sympathy from masses

The opposition would suffer being helpless and lame

In spite of having a genuine rationality

If I were the PM of a country

I would have introduced such a political philosophy

World leaders would follow me and imitate

How to remain an unfaltering leader of the state

How to create issues to curse the opposition

How to avoid the questions which the people agitate

This is the secret to rule infinitely

If I were the PM of a country

                                                   ~ Ravi

                                                             Shravasti, India


  1. Nice one…..Protest in the form of satire is the great way to echo with people’s plight!!!!!

  2. O K R Sivagnanam

    A nice description of the attitude a politician is familiar with, with no real concern for the cause of the masses, the only ambition being their avarice at holding on to power without break, giving no scope for others – to occupy the seat of power – who are otherwise sincere and serious about providing a good governance which they are legitimately entitled to!

  3. Margaret Dumas

    You’ve summed up in your rhyming essay (beautifully) a famous saying here in the U.S., but really throughout the world it seems: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  4. Thanks everyone for their comments.