An Entreaty

By his bedside she stood gazing affectionately but-

With sorrowful eyes as he lay frail and helpless

Initially signs of recognition he showed but-

They soon faded away!

Confused, he raised and turned his head this way and that

Then rested it on the pillow-

Completely perplexed he slumbered.

It seemed he was looking for someone/something

Or just trying to figure out exactly where he was!

She gently told him ‘in a hospital’ –

Quietly he nodded in surprise but had no strength to ask ‘why?’

His condition deteriorated at a fast pace and-

Soon he on an eternal journey set off!

The body now in a coffin lay-

No tears she shed but moved about courageously-

Hiding and burying her emotions deep –

In the depth of fathomless grief!

When no one she thought was watching-

The glass coffin she’d approach –

Gaze at him as if he would awaken any moment-

While tenderly (through the glass) she tried to touch his cheeks.

Worried everyone was for she shed not a tear

No one could gauge the immeasurable pain she carried-

Behind that outward serenity

Some prayed for her to cry, some for her welfare

While she moved about as normally as she usually did

But –

When the final hour of saying ‘Good Bye’ to him came

Few tears trickled down her cheeks before she could stop them

Many heaved a sigh of relief although it wasn’t enough

But in a day or two-

The dam of sorrow broke down and for hours she did cry!

No matter how strong we act –

Death wins over us, untouched by it we can’t survive for long

The tears rolled down her eyes over her cheeks like incessant rainfall

Sobbing bitterly into her pillow she dozed off

Being a very brave lady undoubtedly –

She will get over this most difficult period of her life but-

But what about the massive vacuum created in her life?

O God, the Almighty kindly protect and bless her always and-

Keep her safe by day and night.

~ Anurdha S. Bannore

Vadodara, India


  1. Jaishree Misra

    Very moving and authentic ! It is a poem describing grief that is universal , in a language of restraint that the mourner displays admirably too . A deep and insightful poem that I read with tears in my eyes !

  2. It is indeed a very moving poem describing the deep sorrow of an iron Lady who kept up a brave front right through the critical moments and then finally giving vent to the pent up feelings when she could control them no longer. A sad but very beautiful poem which state the cruel Reality of life – the inevitable Death.

  3. the rhythmic movement of the verse stirs tears that threaten to overflow as one reads the heaving grief of the character drawn up so lively
    death unites and separates every individual whether related or not and thus establishes its universality
    it’s a poem most beautifully written

  4. Thanx for your feedback dear readers. Death is the final journey for everyone of us that leaves deep sorrow & pain behind for the living ones

  5. O K R Sivagnanam

    Death entertains no favour or fear for anyone, and its grip is so firm that no one escapes from its tentacles that crush the life beyond repair!
    A reality we should admit and face we must despite its lingering impact left behind it!
    Time is the best healer and it will efface the prints slowly but surely to make life move as natural as it should!