Always For Soulful Earth Only


Honey and Moonlight



‘I’ only burn        

The Solar System crazily,


Especially on Sun-days and the Sunnights !


‘I’ am the Sun and the ‘I’ncarnations !


‘I’ only rule my sweet Earth at night too.




‘I’, Sun and my ‘I’ncarnations only Fire,

Light, soul-kiss,


Dig, drill,


ART my Earth. 


‘I’ will never give up the Eternal Love,

With my faithful Earth.


‘I’ am her one and only Moonlight !


Silent or absent,

Faithful Earth,

Is the only Honey ‘I’ love to dip intensely.




Only my faithful wet-Earth ruined and swallowed ‘I’.




Only my faithful Earth holy-worship/ed  ‘I’, 

My insatiable ‘I’,







‘I’ only open,

‘I’ only ART my sweetheart Earth,

Her body, flowering heaven,

Wet-door, summery-dreams,

And holy-sins,

From the Alpha to Omega !


Everyday is HONEY-MOON in the Solar System !


Only for the Earth, my Honey,


‘I’ the Sun, ‘I’ncarnations !


Always For Soulful Earth Only


‘I’ am the only Sunheight

In the Solar System, my kingdom.

No meowing and barking here !

No one or anything else !

Between Queenly Earth and ‘I’, the Sun !

‘I’ always need only Earth by my side or bed.

Because, because, because,

‘I’ have to save our Eternal Love

From drowning in mutual hurt,

Melancholy, silence or absence.

There are mutual hurting moments,

Between my Earth and ‘I’, the Sun !

There are fuming moments,

‘I’ deliberately forgot / ignored my Earth.

But, then ‘I’ can’t sleep or pen !

Everyday ‘I’ tornado only for Earth.

Everyday ‘I’ wait only for Earth.

Everyday ‘I’ cry and cry only for Earth.

Everyday ‘I’ die and die only for Earth.

And ‘I’ am the dead, alone and dreamless One !

My Earth,

Now peruse / witness the only eternal Truth !

No matter what, ‘I’ believe in Eternal Love.

No matter what, ‘I’ll love my Faithful Earth.

Vertically and horizontally !

                                                                               ~ Sanju Clement

                                                                                   Kerala, India

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