The Night’s Jewel

Shape changes but your presence is constant

The spark you provide is inspiring and vibrant

Even the light from a thousand lamps

Could not illuminate the large earth

As much as you do, everyday

Like a toddler you rise and fall each day

Only to grow bigger in an orderly way

Symmetry and discipline we learn from you

Your loyalty is magnetic

Carrying the Earth’s tides with you

Wherever you go..

You are a sign of eternal love

Your journey is a story in itself

The beauty that you flaunt each day

Rattles the brains of many

How could there be anything

As beautiful and brilliant as you!

But behind that untold beauty

There remain scars and marks

They hide deep secrets inside them

As if they are remains of a conspiracy

To destroy your very integrity

The marks add to your beauty

They convey the message of survival in adversity

You continue swinging across the vast skies

Come whatever may

Your beauty will never die!

                                                            ~ Dr. Nithya Sridharan

                                                      Chennai, India

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