Month: April 2019



There was a long stretch of winter before. Life and tenderness wilted and withered away, Under the grim, iron-clad stiffness of winter. All forms of love and kindness froze into a globe of impenetrable past, The unforgiving wind blew away even the slightest hint of benevolence. Miles of barren, unending […]


Serving Self-Respect

By Mark Antony Rossi The life of a modern writer is a frantic search for a core identity in a world that changes colors, borders and genders faster than the ink can dry in the history book. Authenticity is a highly prized asset in a confusing age of artificial postures […]


Caring for Birds in Summer

By Ranjit K Sahu A lot has been talked about saving birds to help the environment but seldom has the message been imparted deeply into the psyche of the general public to elicit a desirable positive effect on the environment through public participation. In the last few decades common birds […]



Everyday I wake up born again well almost I tell myself this as I walk along the pilgrims path. A woman passes with two dogs the woman doesn’t notice me but the second dog does as I walk away he turns to me and I stop look at him and […]


Let’s Stand with Jet Employees

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Far away from electoral fanfare,  people are not much aware about a topic that is just as important as national elections. You may not now but one of the biggest private airline in India has closed its operations for good but in the ongoing feud […]


Insidious Pleasure

The glittering rays ,an another day to start A chance to live in keeping my yesterday apart Feisty challenges and opportunities  knocking out, With trembling steps ,I move around cloud of doubt Yeah! I am sentimental but I can’t can’t weep even after a hard hit If I can’t laugh […]


Who Died And Left You Boss

By Mark Antony Rossi My mother said I came out swinging. She was a nurse and often her descriptions bordered on pornographic. God Bless her but I really don’t need details about my mother’s birth canal. Not ever. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing but I was not a person to […]


It Breaks My Heart

How does a heart break? Is it made of glass? I hear people saying She/ he broke my heart I sit and ponder… Young girls and boys in love Commit suicide if either one breaks The other one’s heart  I ponder seriously over the issue  Is one’s life so worthless? […]