Lovely Neverness

Ah, my beloved red Rose,

Ah, my beloved red Sky,

Let ‘I’ respite inside your petals of view,

And ravish the ripen honey of your Soul,

Your heavenly immeasurable loveliness !

Oh, my heavy voice

The space can’t convey !

But, your looks, desperation and melancholy

Excited my rebellious desires.

You wait, wish, burn, seek and exist

In the undisputed essences of ‘Now’,

Between the layers of our Eternal Love.

Let the confusions of Day sleep !

Let silence swallow the Nature,

Let the Promethean light of the Night

Awake and knock on your weeping windows.

In that dark delightful madness,

‘I’ will appear and feast your Queenly skin.

‘I’ am never a somnambulist,

Because, the slow Night knows

My reaping Joe’K’ingly adventures.

‘I’ will be like a dynamic pebble, Fire

Or, a coiling Sunfinger

Of golden-bolt

In the luscious pond

Of your heaven.

‘I’ll make circles

And ripples,

Small, slow, slow and deep,

Within your holy oasis.

Then big and quick,

All over your graceful –

Monsoon geography,

Let your edges brighten

And Spring perfumed songs

Of eternal lust

And infinite sin.

‘I’ am the protector of your Life and Dreams.

‘I’ am the winner of your vehement needs.

‘I’ am the amorous and blind athlete.

Let my chase begin from your nocturnal breaths !

‘I’ll have you like there is no Tomorrows.

‘I’ll kiss kiss,

‘I’ll run run,

‘I’ll sin sin,

‘I’ll big bang,

And ‘I’ll ruin

Your soulful Future and Nature,

Sweetly and totally !

For ‘Eternalness’, ‘Eternity’ and Rebellion !

Let our triumph trumpet over dreaminess.

Ah, my divine blood burns

For you, my QueenEarthPoetry, my Goddess !

Let’s together burn with equilibrium

Pleasures, illuminations and satisfactions

Of our mutual passions.


‘I’ come to your sacred deepness

Like a Promethean tongue of Fire



And, then, whenever our mutual –

Passions are ripe ( every Day and Night )

Like a digging and

Penetrating spear of lightningbolt,



Into our divine Cosm’I’c Yogas, ART,

Eternal Ecstasy !

                                                                   ~ Sanju Clement

                                                                  Kerala, India

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