Assumption : Sun V/s Good Friday and Easter


First of all,

‘I’ respect the religious sentiments of each and every human being ! . . Today is Easter, coincidentally, it’s the birthday of my Dad, Clement. M. P, and, my dad’s birthday has nothing to do with resurrection !


There is a hypothesis that the aliens abducted the body of Jesus Christ from the cave where he was buried after his crucifixion ! . . ‘’I’ don’t believe that even though ‘I’do believe in the existence of super intelligent civilizations, aliens and their celestial vehicles ! . . . Because, the MUFON exists ! . . Anyhow, ‘I’ assume that Jesus Christ reached paradise, a beautiful place / planet still unknown to mankind ! . . Because, Jesus Christ believed in and did what he preached truthfully and straightforwardly; humanism and altruism, unlike some of his evolved followers who are literally Monkeycraps / Numacraps from Aplah to Omega ! . . ‘I’ assume that Jesus Christ is good and straight like Bhagvan Krishna, Muhammad Nabi, Guru Nanakji, Gautama etc, because, their thoughts reflect humanism and altruism and psychological and spiritual development !


‘I’ reiterate Jesus is good and straight unlike some of his evolved followers who are literally evolved Numacraps from Alpha to Omega !


‘I’ assume that both, the Christ and the Cross got new life after the crucifixion of the Christ . . Because, even though the cross and the crucifixions were there even before the Christ, it was only when Christ got crucified, the whole purpose of that piece of wood started changing, from a death-inflicting object to a finely accepted thing, for it provided a way for the son of Man to get resurrected ! . . But, all and everyone know that cross alone can’t inflict death, more precisely, it was nails, thorns and whips were the reasons for his death, so ‘I’ wonder that why don’t people worship those instead of cross ?


Those who had cursed that gory piece of wood / cross, later gave it a new life of worship ! . . So the end of pain / death of the cross happened there itself when the Christ got resurrected, thereby both got new life ! . . ‘I’ don’t know or ‘I’ don’t care whether his blood gave the world eternal salvation or not, but what ‘I’ am more interested in is his thoughts and words which ‘I’ treasure, because, they teach humanism, care and sacrifice for whole of humanity alone !


Easter has nothing to do with Sundays ! . . Because, Sundays are Sundays / Sun-days only from Alpha to Omega ! . . Jesus Christ was preaching, so he was a Prophet not a writer / painter ever ! . . Jesus Christ was neither Sun nor God but he was a son of Man ! . . So he died, and his death / crucifixion on that Friday was really painful, still that Friday is Good for the believers ! . . I’ don’t know why ?. . But, no one is going to file a Habeas Corpus for the body of Jesus Christ !


A living God is the breath of religion ! . . A religion always wants a living God ! . . Without a living God, faith / religion dies ! . . Jesus’s followers resurrected him through intangible but strong belief / faith, and that belief created a religion ! . . So, Good Friday and blessed Easter come and go every year, reminding the sacrifice and resurrection, as long as Christianity lives ! . . Jesus’s thoughts are good for humanity alone ! . . Because, ‘I’ doubt that it has something to do with incarnations, light, Fire, other lives and Earth ! . . Even though Jesus Christ was a great fan of the Sun, Jesus Christ didn’t pen, light, fire, paint from the height of light !


But, comrades,

What a blessed Easter

For ‘I’ from the Alpha to Omega !


It doesn’t matter whether ‘I’ am online or offline !


In the end only one thing matters !

‘I’, only rule Solar System, Poetry and ART beyond –

Eternity from Alpha to Omega !


                                                                   ~Sanju Clement

                                                                    Kerala, India

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