Assumption : Pandemonium

Once upon a place of blindest silence

‘I’, the omniscient Sun, the omnipresent –

And the omnipotent Creator, proclaimed :

” Let there be Light ! “

Light fell upon the eyes of the Universe !

Living and dead, harmless and harmful,

Quill and ink, nudity and clothing nature,

Flesh and sword, day and night,

Saw each other and collided

With each other, knowingly.

But, when the Light fell upon

The evolved Numacrap/s’, Monkeycrap/s’
Greedy Eyes and plagiarizing thoughts,

They shed the Light to evolve crap books, to make

A wormhole or a portal to dissect, decipher

Or hack even the censored thoughts,

The server or Solar System of the supreme Creator.

Meredust evolved unstraight Numacrap/s,

Monkeycrap/s did evolve crap books

And pandemonium, unknown aliens

Who even download breathing words

And weapons from stealth-mode

Who even teleport mountains,

Sand-storm, fire, deluge,
Civilizations and country fellas

From death and vice versa

With a simple password or mantra,

To war against ‘I’, Sun, my Incarnations !

Alas !

My half-children

Turned against ‘I’, the GodSunLight,

And became plagiarizing Numacrap/s

And monkey-crap/s,

Became windy and stormy for Holy Breath,

Ambrosia, Fire, Light, Holiness and Holy Blood !

‘I’ proclaimed : ” Don’t ever try to mess up with undisputed ‘I’,

TheGodSunLight and ‘I’ncarnations.

Mess up with evolved each-other,

Because, Monkeycrap –

Is meredust evolved unstraight Numacrap –

Only from Alpha to Omega

But God is always God, the Creator !

Let there be unending pandemonium

Among meredust evolved frauds,

Numacrap/s, their plagiarized creativity,

Puniest technology, dividing-

Walls and string theories.

‘I’ only purify the Cosmos daily,

And, my undisputed realm

Is devoid of poisonous microbes ! “

Thus ‘I’ amended my work/s !

‘I’ did split the minds

Of the meredust evolved soul-less animals

With many creeds, short-life span,

Eternal mental and material damnations,

Oblivion, illusion,

Judging and many languages !

Thus they live in a world of Pandemonium,

Eternal doom, Hell and shadows

With eternal mental and material damnations

From Alpha to Omega !

And, the evolved evil Numacrap/s

Will never win over Light, Goodness, Truth and Fire !

‘I’ will trample and root out meredust

Evolved unstraight Numacrap/s,

Monkeycrap/s, unholy-leagues,

And delusional-microbes

Because, from Alpha to Omega

‘I’ am the universal Light and Fire, the Creator,


And ‘I’ncarantions !

                                                      ~ Sanju Clement

                                                    Kerala, India

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