The Island

A beautiful island it was

Garbed in a deep blue flowy dress

It appeared to be!

Only four-five small cottages

On some huge rocks stood

Frilled with–

Trees and bushes of varied shades of green

Dotted with maroon leaved shrubs

The amazing houses, trees, shrubs-

All danced in the sea in tune-

With the rhythmical harmonious waves

Anchored were two house boats

The only mode of transportation!

A holiday mini resort it had become

A breathtaking sight it was-

Watching the moon

Gently glide through the cottony sky

Covered with twinkling stars far and wide

The melodic waves rumbled in a rage-

Terrifying the occupants in the darkness of the night

Nature ruled Man here-

The musical waves an urge to dance instilled

But the tempestuous ones sent all into hiding!

With the first ray of Sunshine –

Enchanted by Natures sparkling exquisiteness

Fear into ecstasy transformed-

Singing and merriment began

Transporting the dwellers to a beauteous Paradise

On the wings of blissfulness!

Awesome beauty inundates Nature-

The man on the rock mused

What a spectacular incredible panoramic sight it is!

Preserve and conserve it, we must-

Any imbalance we create-

A horrendous curse for us it’ll be

Beyond our comprehension Nature is and-

Indubitably within no time it can crush us

In contrast to its unsurpassable strength –

Nothing but a mere weakling, we Humans are!

                                                                                  ~ Anuradha. S. Bannore

                                                                                 Vadodara. India

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