Month: March 2019


Sarp (Snake)

By Anuradha S. Bannore Ramlal lived with his wife Gainda in Sarp, a remote village. It was so named because various types of weird snakes were found in this village. It had muddy hillocks, thick bushes, trees; in fact it was full of all sorts of vegetation. People never dared […]



Hate ‘I’ ! As the stream hates the drought ! Many times you banished my unending Love. Got solace among the alcohol of solitude. Learned to sleep with island pains. ‘I’ am the loser of my Kohinoor heaven, My muse-full Eve of Eden ! How can ‘I’ ever blame you […]


Passion is Predominant

Everyone in the universe have a passion , It may be studying or just fashion. Passion may be studying a lesson, Or studying in a session. Life must be good , Person should become successful he should . Some people might fulfil their goals alone , Some do nothing just […]



oh flower dear, so redolent your fragrance implode serenity with aromatic essence: I hate you despite your blooming colour Epitomising chameleonity in human asunder; on silvery night,partner`s coiffure flower adoring picked from concubine`s wrist beholding, petals thrown while funeral service attending fake grief animated mutely fabricating not all promises with […]



He had everything one asks for, All that I desired in my love He entered my world at a time When the life was sore and tough Like raindrops on the parched earth He came to me as serendipity Made me feel that he, only, Could turn my dreams in […]


The Massacre

It’s almost a month since the Pulwama attack. The innocent CRPF* personnel had- Hoped to reach their destination before sunset What an irony it is! Forty Jawans* sunset came much before that- A suicidal bomber like a demon pounced- Ramming his car into their (Jawans) vehicle A cold blooded slaughter […]



The old peasant will sleep hungry today, his crops didn’t procure enough. He remembered the tall promises made – that day Those that awaited to be later bluffed. He sold his land to get the seeds and grow them into grains. Now the crops are equivalent to weeds compelling his […]


The War That Will Come

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal In this past week the history of this country and this subcontinent has changed forever. After a very long time and coma, Indian government retaliated against Pakistan for commiting crimes against Indian citizens. Pakistan got a taste of the anger of 1.3 billion people, courtesy […]