‘I’ only Light and Fire the Earth and Poetry

‘I’ make Love on love and Rebellion on revolution.

‘I’ am the Supreme  –

God of the Gods, the God Sunlight and ‘I’ncarnations,

When it’s about Earth and Poetry.

‘I’ make eternal Love
Only on Earth or Poetry.

‘I’ make eternal rebellion

Only on the revolution of the Earth or Poetry.

It is Promethean cosmic Yoga,

Eternal Life, mutual illumination,
Promethean sexistence and sexercise.

‘I’ will never ever separate Earth into deep hopelessness.

Because, Earth is my only wife
From Alpha to Omega.

‘I’ do sin with my Earth only
From Alpha to Omega.

‘I’ only light and Fire my Earth.

For unending love, Eternity,
Promethean rebellion

And our straight kids.

In life, dreams, darkness, Poetry and ART !

Gods don’t evolve !
Gods do incarnate like  ‘I’.

‘I’ am the Sun,
Promethean universal Light

And Promethean Fire
From Alpha to Omega !

In the end only one thing matters !

‘I’ only light and Fire the Earth and Poetry.

‘I’ only rule the Solar System, Earth and Poetry.

As undisputed God Sun-light !

                                                            ~ Sanju Clement

                                                              Kerala, India

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