4 Earth

My Queen, let us pick our ripen dreams !

Queen of the God Sunlight,

Let’s pick our ripen dreams.

Oh, darlings of nature, sizzling-aromas,

Butterflies and bluest-stars

Now, come to my Sunmind

And perch on its branches.

Frighten my solitude, my frustration.

Tell and soothe ‘I’ with your sweetest tales.

Take  ‘I’ to a world of lovable sleep.

Ah, with  ‘I’,  dance

And kiss my purest dreams.

Be my breaths

Come to my wounded


Harboring rivers of music,

Make a butterfly abode

Or a Monsoon –

Galaxy of drizzling Love,

In my Love burning eternal Sun-heart.

Then, let us go together into my heart of heart.

There ‘I’ will show you my Sweetheart !

My pomegranate-muse,

My peerless Queen, my Earth.

She is not the beloved of vanity or delusion.

But, my truth of truth,

And my honey of honey,

And my song of song, and my life of life,

In my every Sunbreath and ‘I’ncarnation.

My Earth, let us pick and feast our ripen dreams !

                                                                                             ~ Sanju Clement

                                                                                                  Kerala, India

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