What Does a New Year Hold?

The passing away of one year


The beginning of another

Rings the bell at midnight to herald

The awakening of another

The months are the same

They follow one another as always

 The days too are the same

 So also, are the dates then what exactly is new?

 We rise up  as usual every morn

The sun proclaims the day

Followed by noon, dusk, evening and night

Nothing has changed.

 The sun to rule the day,

 The stars and the moon to rule the night

Night to rest, day to toil and moil,

Not to laze around aimlessly

‘Picking pockets’

Every year, every day demands

Rise up and greet the day.

 By ignoring hard work and labor

 ‘Demands’ outgrow resources

The nation becomes poorer by the day.

The disabled are stronger in mind, body and spirit

They rise up beyond themselves and ‘conquer’ the summit

 The nation is proud they do not demand

They do not beg, they do not downgrade themselves

They are proud of their achievements

They do not cry for ‘mercies’

They do not strut on ‘crutches’

It empowers them to lead a moral life

Their strength of will conquers their physical weaknesses

Despite our economic growth

 The country has become poorer in conscientiousness

The morality is lost in browbeating and ‘ivory towers.’

                                                            ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                            Jabalpur, India


  1. It’s a beautiful poem. The line ..’They rise up….& Conquer the summit’ is what we all should aim for.

  2. thanks ASB it’s a great lesson to be learnt from those who are deprived in some form or the other