The Garbage World of Late Capitalism

The garbage world of late capitalism

is quite fascinating when examined

in its permutations and ramifications

taking this 7-11 snack as an example

wrapped in cheap non-biodegradable

plastic that’s also non-recyclable so will

end up, presumably, in some landfill or

in the ocean where it won’t decompose

for centuries in which time it may pass

through generations of marine creatures

that mistake it for food but what food

did it actually contain when it once

stood on that 7-11 shelf in the period

of late capitalism future archaeologists

might ask about this snack before me

of crab-flavored potato chips which

makes me wonder if there’s such a thing as

a purpose-built crab-pulverizing machine

that shreds and crushes dead crustaceans

to create the paste to add to the starch

fat, salt, preservatives and anti-oxidants

that will clog the guts and colons of those

billions who consume such products

for quick gratification of taste and hunger

mass-produced packages of trash without

and trash within, artifacts and symbols

of our garbage world of late capitalism.

                                                                 ~Ian Fletcher

                                                                Cardiff, South Wales

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