The Dream of a Male Crab

River is an instrument

Passed from water to water

Rather than an eating stand.

We are the talk of the town

From compass points

In the circle of Life

That encloses us all.

Crabs folk  in North America

And Europe, in Japan

In Africa, in Russiah, in India

Where natural scientists

Asking for our first Love.

Dish of Crabs:

Here in we have reprinted

A number of pieces

Contained with it.

It is because of the extreme

Importance  of our existence

That we have chosen

To do this caprice.

But these excerpts

Are not enogh:

The rivers themselves

Must be experienced

It is my feeling, my dream

That the Fishers Wo/Men

Will open many rivers

For any other Fisher

In a simple exercise

Of to be eating very good.

                                                          ~Daniel de Culla

                                                              Burgos, Spain

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