I am away from my home

Not really my native place

But a place where I’d met you

Under the sun with sea and sand

Sun, moon and stars here

Are same as I’ve left behind

Trees, breeze and seasons also

Similar fragrance to me remind

Who’ve stolen my peace of mind

Why do I have a restless heart

What do I miss and feel the pang

Who’s hurting me with his dart

I’m living in a beautiful place

But I’m not at ease at all

Intensely longing for my beau

Who can’t hear my sigh and call

I miss someone whom I love

He is, now, so far from me

I am suffering from nostalgia,

Feeling depressed and gloomy

Greyness seeps in as hiraeth

Seems there’s impending death

                                                                    ~Sudha Dixit

                                                                        Bangalore, India

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