It was the darkest night for me

Waiting for him in vain

I let my tears flow unseen

Anyway no one could see my pain

Time has this strange attitude

When we’re happy it flies fast

But whenever we’re in despair

It stands still and moves last

Anguish fills the lonely moments

My heart is restless and so sad

No respite from the intense ache

I lost my calm which I always had

I kept my grit and nerves intact

Knew that this inkiness abject

Has to go and the sun must come

Bringing myriad colours packed

Red, green, yellow streams of light

Will fill earth with a magical aura

Emitting brilliance there will come

Goddess of dawn, often called Aurora

Dispelling darkness, spilling radiance

At last comes the hope

We should not give up on life’s

Promise of ample joy’s scope

                                                                  ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                                       Bangalore, India


  1. Melancholy lingers last, but a change of mindset can slowly get one out this situation and make him /her indulge in ecstasy. The wavering nature of human mind always looks for something new and different, and if dissatisfied with an outcome not to their liking, there comes a gloomy stage in life that marks a decline in spirit and passion leading to boredom and total inaction!
    We should keep our mind open and set aside negative thoughts which mar our life!

  2. Melancholy lingers long, but a change in mindset can slowly get one out of this situation and allow him/her to indulge in ecstacy!