Turn the Page

My thoughts are simmering
As the slivers of the light fall from the clouds
Like the blessings of the divine showered from above
Oh! we sinners,
As we pay for our penance
climbing those silver stairs
on our knees
Will we get out of the vortex of hell?
spinning around our waists
swirling and getting tightened
at every turn
Will you confess your sins?
As our feet slip into the quicksand
the clouds part
and those slivers of light
as the mere path to your salvation
falls on you
and you wait for the seraphic soul to take you far far away
Oh! the wishes
Oh my wondrous desires
which keeps me on my feet every day.
So tell me, God, when are you taking me off the spotlight
When are you turning the page?

                                                   ~ Megha Sood

                                                          Jersey City, USA